Define the Risks
Defend the Assets


Define the Risks
Defend The Assets


Define the Risks
Defend The Assets


LeveL5Cyber Overview

LeveL5Cyber was forged by a group of diverse and experienced leaders highly skilled in the protection of critical infrastructure, highly sensitive data, regulated environments, and those many organizations that are at the very heart of keeping our nation running. With decades of hands-on experience, LeveL5Cyber is committed to providing the highest caliber cyber consulting services that were built with people, processes, and solutions in mind. Our solutions are designed to reduce the risk and exposure of organizations to help ensure they can effectively defend against today’s advanced threat actors and can continue to operate effectively. We are proud of our valued team members and the culture that we have built, which is why our employees are at the foundation of all that we do.

Our Mission

Delivering Fortune 500-level cybersecurity capabilities to the broader market in a right-sized, cost-effective model.

Our Vision

To optimize cybersecurity capabilities while driving towards a greater level of maturity.

Define the Risks - Defend the Assets

Core Values

  • Integrity – We conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that is ethical and professional, with honesty, respect, and fairness. 
  • Customer Focus – We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. 
  • Culture – We have an unceasing passion to empower our teams and advance our customers in energizing and fun ways. 
  • Relationships – We build our relationships based on trust and respect. 
  • Committed – We are committed every day to excellence, our team, and those that we serve. 

Our Team

PJ Maloney


Michael Piccalo

EVP Delivery

Anthony Morrone

EVP Strategy

Greg Carrico

EVP Portfolio & Security

Mike Moten

Director Delivery

Katie Hewton

Tech Writer

Marianne Swarter

Senior Director

GB Chew

Artist & Web Dev

Dan Callahan

Dir. Strategy Development