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LeveL5Cyber has a suite of services designed to help you identify important gaps in your cybersecurity programs. We offer advisory services that help businesses scale their operations in order to combat rapidly changing threats. Our experts provide strategic consultations, IT and OT infrastructure reviews, digital resiliency planning, and many other Executive and Senior-level led engagements.

Solutions and Advisory Services

OT Network Segmentation

The LeveL5Cyber Operational Technology (OT) Network Segmentation (NetSeg) and Firewall Architecture Design service assists organizations in defining best practice network architectures for OT environments. The NetSeg engagement includes architecting and leading complex global OT segmentation programs. Continuity is maintained through the application of industry proven protection strategies to both protect and maintain operational efficiencies with a focus on safety, environment, and minimizing business impact.

– Design, plan, and lead complex global OT segmentation programs including Process Control, SCADA, DCS, and other ICS environments

– Define and execute OT/ICS segmentation best practices for protecting industrial networks

– Develop an optimized OT and IT converged solution using industry vetted methodologies

– Create integrated architectures for critical security components to manage identities, patching, vulnerabilities, advanced protection and leveraged OT services

TPRM Program Development

The LeveL5Cyber Third-Party Risk Management Program establishes how well an organization can identify, assess, manage, and monitor third-party vendors throughout the third-party risk management life cycle. The LeveL5Cyber team incorporates a methodology and approach that aligns with your organizational needs. Our experts can develop the process flows, cybersecurity safeguards, and risk management strategies that have been employed by Fortune 500 companies.

– Improve the visibility of critical vendors within your organization

– Define security criteria, vendor classifications and rapid risk identification

– Develop consistent and repeatable processes

– Develop meaningful metrics and KPI’s

IR Program Development

LeveL5Cyber Incident Response (IR) Program Development includes an assessment of the organization’s current capabilities, documentation reviews, and interviews with persons who engage in IR activities. Based on the review of the current state, development/enhancement of playbooks and processes that analysts use to respond to incidents may increase your program’s maturity.

– Formalize defined responses to incidents that occur

– Document steps that team members shall take to secure infrastructure

– Identify areas for commonality

– Allow new analysts to be brought up to speed quickly

Security Architecture

The LeveL5Cyber Security Architecture & Strategic Planning service brings LeveL5Cyber’s CISO team to work with the customer to develop a right-sized, business-oriented security strategy. Our years of cyber experience across multiple verticals gives LeveL5Cyber a unique, vendor-agnostic perspective on real life solutions that provide industry best practices for your organization.

– Develop and design your strategic and tactical cybersecurity plans of action

– Benefit from our decades of cybersecurity experience throughout the Fortune 500

– Provide industry best practices and designs that help organizations obtain their goals

Policy & Standards Development

The LeveL5Cyber Security Policy & Standards Development service is designed to help the client create or review right-sized, business-appropriate security policies, standards and detailed configuration guidelines using industry standard practices. Our experts have decades of experience to assist your company with identifying potential gaps within your program.

– Develop business-appropriate security policies, standards and detailed configuration guidelines using industry standard practices

– Align the corporate portfolio to comprehensive policies and standards

– Identify the current and proposed state operating model that applies to the governance framework of the company

M&A Cybersecurity Consulting

The LeveL5Cyber Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Joint Ventures Cybersecurity Consulting service is designed to provide cybersecurity guidance and risk assessments for reducing the exposure to the organization during high-stress and high-visibility situations. While this service is optimally started in the Valuation Analysis stage, it can also provide value during the Due Diligence stage of M&A activities. Potential areas of focus include a risk assessment, identification and protection of intellectual property, optimal architecture design, especially for newly acquired sites, and conformance with corporate standards.

– Provide cybersecurity guidance and risk assessment activities

– Identify key focus areas surrounding intellectual property and other key data points during the transitions

– Review architecture designs and align them to industry best practices

Vulnerability Management

The LeveL5Cyber Vulnerability Management service is designed to identify vulnerabilities within a target environment to discover potential points of weakness or compromise. We look at all aspects of your vulnerability management program and how the complex parts inter-operate within your organization, focusing on building a program that is measurable and repeatable. Our team identifies meaningful metrics, KPI’s and measurements that demonstrate success.

– Enhance your current vulnerability management program

– Define success in the environment with repeatable risk reduction processes that increase your program’s level of maturity

– Develop meaningful metrics and KPI’s

Security Org Development

The LeveL5Cyber Security Organization Development service is a cooperative effort that brings executive and highly seasoned cybersecurity professionals to fully define an organizations’ target operating model. The LeveL5Cyber team assists your company in areas such as insource/outsource analysis, identification of roles core to the business model, organizational and staffing models, and technical requirements.

– Develop your organization’s overall target operating cybersecurity model

– Provide an in-depth experience to complement your goals for building out a leading cyber program

– Work with leadership to help define the optimal organizational model to meet business goals

Exception Management

The LeveL5Cyber Exception Management Program provides a robust, actionable exception management program that covers areas of the request to be exempt, exceptions to policy, areas of improvement, recertification of exceptions and the overall areas that may need to be addressed when exceptions outweigh the effectiveness of a policy, standard, or procedure. LeveL5Cyber works with organizations to align on appropriate measures, metrics, and process flows to gain further insight into the how, where, and why an exception shall be granted.

– Develop efficient process flows that align with your internal audit and/or regulatory requirements

– Prioritize actions and methods based on proven and trustworthy standards that align to your corporate security program

– Identify policies & procedures to standardize decisions and behaviors

– Develop meaningful metrics and KPI’s

Tabletop Exercises

LeveL5Cyber Tabletop Exercises are a “no fault” collaborative learning experience that helps organizations improve responses through simulated scenarios. This service consists of assisting the organization with developing appropriate scenarios for simulation, identifying key stakeholders, assessing capabilities and responses throughout the facilitated simulation, and includes the development of an after-action report to identify areas of improvements and lessons learned. In addition to the planning, facilitation, and improvement documentation, this offering can be expanded to include updating of policies, procedures, playbooks and other required documentation that is often associated with the simulations. Depending on the agreed upon scenarios, these tabletops may take place remotely or on-site and may range from four hours to a couple of days.

– Assess an organization’s ability to respond to a cyber crisis

– Develop, facilitate, and provide post-analysis of a simulated cyber event

– Provide insight to the consequence of environmental, health and safety implications of a cyber attack

Security Solution Selection

The LeveL5Cyber Security Solution Selection and Review service assists our client with selecting solutions that meet your specific needs. Our experts have hands-on experience with the development of weighted requirements. Once the matrix is developed, LeveL5Cyber can review responses to the RFP to update the matrix or participate in vendor interviews to document how vendors meet requirements.

– Organize requirements to aid in solving enterprise challenges

– Provide a matrix of weighted solution pros and cons that give insight into the purpose and scope of a decision

– Collaborate with cybersecurity leadership to provide an output that demonstrates needs to requirements

User Education Program

The LeveL5Cyber End-User Education Program Development service is a consulting engagement focused on developing the people, process and potentially technology to support an end-user education capability. The engagement will review the customer’s current policies, such as Acceptable Use, learning management capabilities, company culture, monitoring capabilities, testing (such as Phishing and compliance), and other relevant areas associated with developing a User Education Program.

– Develop an end-user education capability program that outlines the key areas of needed concentration

– Comprehensive review of current policies, Learning Management System capabilities and organizational culture

– Grow your culture and awareness by shifting security to the left

Security Ideation & Baseline

The LeveL5Cyber Security Ideation and Baseline service is meant to be a sounding board for CISO’s. Typically, the timing of these activities are short engagements, ranging from one to five hours, which a CISO can use to gather feedback on an initiative or get industry perspective on an issue. LeveL5Cyber partners with you to establish a baseline operating model and move the discussion forward.

– Cultivate what it means to baseline your organizational cybersecurity foundations

– Collaborate with experienced prior CISOs and cybersecurity leadership

– Drive a path forward for foundational security discussions across lines of business