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Operational focus to secure critical infrastructure

LeveL5Cyber offers advisory services that enable businesses to scale their operations and combat evolving threats. Our experts leverage decades of experience to provide solutions that optimize cybersecurity capabilities and drive towards program maturity.




Operational focus to secure critical infrastructure. LeveL5Cyber offers advisory services that enable businesses to scale their operations and combat evolving threats. Our experts leverage decades of experience to provide solutions that optimize cybersecurity capabilities and drive towards program maturity.

Risk Assessments
Risk Assessments
OT Segmentation Programs
OT Network Segmentation
mob-Complex Program Management
Consulting & Enablement
mob-Post Segmentation Support
Post-Segmentation Support Services
mob-OT FIrewall Lifecycle Management
OT Firewall Lifecycle Management
mob-Acquisition Integrations
Acquisition Integrations

Risk Assessments

LeveL5Cyber has a suite of services and risk assessments designed to help identify important gaps in your cybersecurity programs. We offer advisory services that help businesses scale their operations to combat rapidly changing threats. Our experts provide strategic consultations, IT and OT infrastructure reviews, digital resiliency planning, and many other Executive and Senior-level engagements.

  • OT-Focused Assessments (NIST 800-82, NISTIR 8183, IEC62443, 800-171)
  • NIST CSF Assessments for strategy development or annual baselines
  • Third-Party Risk Assessments
  • DFARS Assessments including Program Management for POAM remediation and Solution Development
  • CMMC Readiness Assessments
  • Application / Infrastructure Risk Assessments

OT Segmentation Programs

The LeveL5Cyber Operational Technology (OT) Network Segmentation (NetSeg) and Firewall Architecture Design service assists organizations in defining best practice network architectures for OT environments. The engagement includes architecting and leading complex global OT segmentation programs. Continuity is maintained through the application of industry-proven strategies to protect and maintain operational efficiencies with a focus on safety, environment, and minimizing business impact.

  • Develop and support accelerated, complex OT Segmentation Programs
  • Proven processes with adaptable checklists and templates
  • Business-driven Architecture and Design
  • Flexible implementation and migration methodologies based on business and industry needs
  • Engineering Support and Full Program Management
  • Optional Post-Segmentation Services Support available

Consulting & Enablement

The LeveL5Cyber Complex Program Management service is a cooperative effort between our seasoned professionals and your organization’s team. Our experts leverage decades of experience leading, developing and managing Fortune 500-level security programs to meet company and regulatory milestones. LeveL5Cyber works with organizations to align on program direction and processes while maintaining corporate standards.

  • OT Strategy development
  • IT/OT convergence consulting
  • OT cyber standards development
  • Strategic consulting
  • Delivery of actionable roadmaps
  • Provide measurable outputs

Post-Segmentation Support Services

The LeveL5Cyber Post-Segmentation Support Services are designed to ensure that ongoing resources, processes, and documentation are available to sites after segmentation activities. Our experts have decades of experience adhering to and developing change management processes. We can help to identify and mitigate any existing gaps in your organization’s support services.

  • Firewall Engineering with a focus on specialized documentation and client change management requirements for OT environments
  • Customized support services to augment existing client teams and reduce the overhead of new processes and change management tasks
  • Design and Support for sites with new projects requiring communications through the firewall or the creation of a new firewall interface
  • Limited troubleshooting support for sites as needed during normal business hours

OT Firewall Lifecycle Management

The LeveL5Cyber OT Firewall Lifecycle Management service is designed for Operational Technology (OT) environments to keep your organization operational while mitigating evolving security threats. Our experts work with your team to architect and execute a lifecycle management program that is optimal to your business environment and compliant with regulatory and corporate standards.

  • Technology changes and technology refreshes
  • Requirement-gathering and solution integration 
  • Incorporation of NextGen firewall capabilities as desired
  • Deployment Engineering and Full Program Management
  • Alignment with corporate standards and rule clean-up
  • Develop “depot strategy” to reduce risk with legacy platforms

Acquisition Integrations

The LeveL5Cyber Acquisition Integrations Consulting service is designed to provide cybersecurity guidance and risk assessments to reduce the exposure to the organization during high-stress and high-visibility situations. Optimally started in the Valuation Analysis stage, this service can also provide value during the Due Diligence stage of Merger and Acquisition activities. Potential areas of focus include a risk assessment, identification and protection of intellectual property, optimal architecture design, and conformance with corporate standards.

  • IT and OT Risk Assessments
  • Alignment of technology platforms and cyber standards across newly acquired sites with corporate standards
  • Security and Secure Network Integration Support
  • Program Management